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Name: Ziek.
Occupation: Artist
Pronouns: He/Him/His

I'm a trans queer dude and this is my multi-fandom personal blog.
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  1. zing-noir answered: Did the “More Mutants’ sticky note mean more animals like mutant rats? Or more Terras? What kinds of mutant animals were you thinking of?
  2. pyrogina answered: What does the world outside of Deluxe look like? Any mushroom trees like the terra’s?
  3. mmwhatchasaythatyouonlyshipwell answered: What happened to Julie’s mother?
  4. wrexie answered: Is there anything you wish you could go back and change in any of the episodes? A good idea you didn’t have until it was too late?
  5. thegeeksgarage answered: Was Mutt going to look at different in season 2? I’d love to see a coffee table book with the art of Motorcity. It’s a beautiful world.
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  7. kathfarsis answered: How much can you reveal about the “deleted” Burner, Holly? Was she her own character, simply a girl version of a Burner we know, or neither?
  8. aghht answered: how much did you review all of the work done for mc and how juch did you give the artists free hands with ideas and such?
  9. ricelily answered: Was Takeshi Koike’s film “Redline” that kicked the inspiration for Motorcity into full gear? what other influences contributed to the series?
  10. maikister answered: Can we hear more stories of Jenzen with Mike back in their cadet days? If there’s more Motorcity, would he make a comeback?
  11. thelittlemermutt answered: If Mike and the Burners ever found out about Julie’s secret of being Kane’s daughter, how would you have them react?
  12. bumblebeedm13 answered: Would you redraw Motorcity two season but you keep your IP to your own like PSG (Panty and stocking with garter) anime animators?
  13. msolddisney answered: Is there any chance, even a little chance, that Motorcity will be renewed for a second season?
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    Can anything be done to convince Disney to give the IP a second chance? Examples such as kickstarter for a second season...
  15. xpaprika answered: Which character do you identify with the most/ which has the most of you in them?
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  17. theleviathonofhigh answered: Did you choose the city of Detroit as the setting due to the fact that it was one of the U.S.’s largest car manufacturers in the world?
  18. strawhatpirate9 answered: If you get to work on Motorcity again with a different network will it still be like it is now or way different?
  19. themacedon answered: BACKGROUND, background info on Chuck and/or Texas, any info
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    So Exciting!!
  21. catchandelier answered: Why weren’t there any motorcyclists? Or bicycles? In motorcity?
  23. animationfeels said: What about Mike’s/Chuck’s/Texas’s family or parents? How did they all meet? Who taught whom to drive? (Unoriginal, but I have to knowww)
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  25. agentizzy353 answered: How do you guys keep going? Having issues with channels cutting you are always a bummer. How do you guys continue creating as a studio?
  26. skullgrin answered: Where did Kane learn how to drive like that?
  27. shesgonnachangetheworld answered: What’s the world like outside of Deluxe/Motorcity?
  28. vanilla-swing answered: What were your inspirations for the unique visual style of Motorcity? How did the original idea for the show grow & develop over the years?
  29. stellarspiritking answered: Is Chuck actually part cyborg like some people suspect? Do you think there would ever be a plot line with that, if Motorcity Continued?
  30. punmageddon answered: yes full names and families but… tell us more about Babs
  31. thebattlefrontier answered: If there were a season 2 to be aired, would we get more explanations on Jacob’s night terrors?
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  33. kelseyamadeuspuncherofbutts answered: After everything that has happened, do you wish the show was the same as you pitched it to MTV? Also, can you talk about the Burner’s parents
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  36. snarkytoon answered: Tell us about Red/REVENGO
  37. wendyalice answered: Was Motorcity a personal project and did you have fun working on it?